"For D&E era, Railtec really are the best." Tim Shackleton, Hornby Magazine
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Loco detailing B (AWS, fuel/water gauges, fire handle etc)
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Make: Railtec
Gauge: 7mm / O
Type: Waterslide
Cost: £6.50
Qty in stock: 34
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Themes:Loco detail parts
Eras:BR Pre-TOPS :: BR Blue TOPS :: Sectorisation :: Privatisation

  • Identical to pack 7mm-1199 with the exception that the cab dials in this pack (towards the top of the image) are white on black.
  • Really bring models to life with a subtle but nonetheless noticeable small detail which often gets overlooked.
  • Huge array of in-cab insignia as well as fuel and water gauges - all with different needle positions for added authenticity.
  • Includes AWS sunflowers, desk gauges, caution low headroom, max speeds, No1/2 end, ETH jumper arrows, electric shock treatment, ear protection, no naked flame, risk of explosion, in case of fire break glass, ETH notices (mainly for 37/4s).
  • Sufficient for 2 locos.
  • Note these are spot printed waterslide, not stickers.

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