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Gauge Item #  Description Cost
7mm 2011 DRS compass mk2 (D)BSO £14.90
7mm 2012 DRS compass mk2 TSO £14.90
7mm 2015 DRS compass mk2 (D)BSO/TSO 3-pack £43.90
7mm 3104 BR mk1 RBR: BR blue (complete vehicle) £4.50
7mm 3108 BR mk1 RBR/RMB buffet kitchen: West Coast Railways £5.90
7mm 3133 BR mk1 TSO: BR blue (complete vehicle) £3.90
7mm 3139 BR mk1 TSO / BSK: Regional Railways £5.90
7mm 3153 BR mk1 CK: BR blue (complete vehicle) £4.50
7mm 3180 Sealink coaches full detail pack £8.50
7mm 3193 BR mk1 SK: BR blue (complete vehicle) £4.50
7mm 3213 BR mk1 BSK: BR blue (complete vehicle) £4.50
7mm 3220 BR mk1 BCK/BSK: West Coast Railways £5.90
7mm 3222 BR mk1 BG parcels: BR blue (complete vehicle) £4.50
7mm 3223 BR mk1 BG parcels: BR ScotRail (complete vehicle) £4.50
7mm 3399 Steam loco support coaches £6.90
7mm 3431 BR mk3 sleeper: BR blue £6.50
7mm 3871 RTC Test Service Vehicle ADB977525 £6.50
7mm 3872 RTC Test Service Vehicle ADB977528 £6.50
7mm 3873 RTC Test Service Vehicle ADB977529 £6.50
7mm 3874 RTC Test Service Vehicle ADB977530 £6.50