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3d Brick and Stonework

We are delighted to announce the introduction of our ready-made 3d brick and stonework packs. Simply cut to desired size, peel off the adhesive backing and stick to your building.

  • The brick and stone detail is raised with the correct amount of relief, just like the real thing (much better than can be achieved with pain-staking manual scribing). The photos don't do it justice.
  • It is ready-scribed, ready-painted and ready-weathered where applicable.
  • The relief is not a generic pattern. It marries up perfectly with each brick and stone.
This means you no longer have to:
  • Make do with unrealistic flat printed examples;
  • Scribe every individual piece of mortar to achieve any kind of relief between brick and mortar;
  • (Attempt to) paint each individual brick a slightly different hue - though unpainted variants are available.
4mm-9679 Old English - blank
4mm-9680 Old English - buff
4mm-9681 Old English - red brick
7mm-9680 Old English - red brick

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