Specialising in scale model railways, at Railtec Transfers we manufacture waterslide transfers (decals) for all gauges and hobbies. Our transfers, described as best in class, are used by Bachmann Europe, Peco, Pete Waterman's Just Like The Real Thing and thousands more. Read our customer testimonials.

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Scale model railway transfers/decals

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Latest Transfer Releases     ::    37 new packs in the last 30 days Customer Images
4mm 37401-4 Complete loco: DRS Large Logo 37401
2mm 37401-5 Complete loco incl nameplates: DRS Large Logo 37401
2mm 37401-4 Complete loco: DRS Large Logo 37401
2mm 2710 Derby RTC DMU vehicles (Iris, Gemini, Lab 9 Hydra, Lab 5)
7mm C3709 Complete loco: Original Railfreight 37 w/ your number
4mm 2364 Complete loco: West Coast Railways cl47/57 pack B
4mm 37003-1 Tinsley 37003 TIGER MOTH
4mm 45037-1 Tinsley 45037 ECLIPSE
4mm 47009-1 Tinsley 47009 GUILLEMOT
4mm 47053-1 Tinsley 47053 IMPALA
4mm 4224 GWR Pilot Van / Tool Mess Departmental
7mm 9025 Health & safety (H&S) notices, warnings, site entrance signs
4mm 7920 TEA nitric acid tanks: Kemira
7mm 7920 TEA nitric acid tank: Kemira
4mm 1408 BR arrows: large logo (4) - class 73
4mm 1596 Network SouthEast Wessex Electrics motifs
4mm 1561 Network SouthEast Oxted Line motifs
4mm 1548 Network SouthEast Chiltern motifs
4mm 1592 Network SouthEast Thames motifs
4mm 1560 Network SouthEast North London Lines motifs
4mm 1547 Network SouthEast Chiltern Line motifs
4mm 1549 Network SouthEast Chiltern Turbo motifs
4mm 1563 Network SouthEast Solent & Wessex motifs
4mm 1593 Network SouthEast Thames Turbo motifs
7mm C0802 Complete loco: BR green class 08 w/ your number
2mm 3192 Gatwick Express InterCity branding/numbers

4mm-9002: George Dent

7mm-6341: Pete Waterman

4mm-2661: PH Designs