Specialising in scale model railways, at Railtec Transfers we manufacture waterslide transfers (decals) for all gauges and hobbies. Our transfers, described as best in class, are used by Bachmann Europe, Peco, Pete Waterman's Just Like The Real Thing and thousands more. Read our customer testimonials!

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3D transfers by Railtec
Scale model railway transfers/decals

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Latest Transfer Releases     ::    38 new packs in the last 30 days Customer Images
7mm 1274 Inverness (IS) Highland Stags
4mm 1920 Hunslett Barclay weedkiller loco renumbering
2mm 1920 Hunslett Barclay weedkiller loco renumbering
4mm 60064-2 Renumber/rename: BR Sub-sector 60064 Back Tor
2mm 60064-2 Renumber/rename: BR Sub-sector 60064 Back Tor
4mm PL1095 Nameplates: Back Tor (60064)
2mm PL1095 Nameplates: Back Tor (60064)
4mm 47744-4 Renumber/rename: EWS 47744 Royal Mail Cheltenham
4mm PL1094 Nameplates: Royal Mail Cheltenham (47744)
4mm 47519-2 Complete loco incl works plates / shed codes: BR green 47519
2mm 67004-3 Renumber/rename: 67004 Cairn Gorm
2mm PL1082 Nameplates: Charlotte (67027)
2mm PL1083 Nameplates: Stella (67023)
4mm 43198-3 Renumber/rename: 43198 Oxfordshire 2007
4mm PL1093 Nameplates: Oxfordshire 2007 (43198)
4mm 20301-2 Complete loco: DRS 20301 (compass livery)
4mm 37428-7 Complete loco: Royal Scotsman / EWS 37428 (unlined)
4mm 2241 Faded EWS class 60 numbers
4mm 2240 Faded EWS 60017 60019 60022
4mm PL1092 Nameplates: Loch Long (37081, 37404)
4mm PL1091 Nameplates: Isle of Mull (37403)
4mm PL1090 Nameplates: Dave Gunson (450127)
4mm 66301-2 Renumber/rename: DRS 66301 Kingmoor TMD
4mm 37688-2 Renumber/rename: DRS 37688 Kingmoor TMD
4mm PL1089 Nameplates: Kingmoor TMD (37688)
4mm PL1088 Nameplates: Kingmoor TMD (66301)

4mm-9002: George Dent

7mm-6341: Pete Waterman

4mm-2661: PH Designs