3D Transfers: Pushing the boundaries

3D printing process updated and refined May 2017. It has unprecedented detail.

Railtec is proud to be at the forefront of our hobby, offering a brand new concept in modelling: 3D transfers. These offer superb flexibility and fine detail which etched variants simply haven't been able to match. Curious? Take a look:

These are produced with the correct thin relief both on the plate and then the text at 9600dpi to achieve unparalleled fine printing (just look at the rivets in the steam loco number above). Some other manufacturers use outdated Alps at 600dpi to produce only 2d flat transfer representations which are easily prone to scratching, curling and disintegration, so please be wary when shopping around.

So what are the benefits?
- Raised detail both on the plate and its text, just like the real thing.
- Very fine detail reproduction such as rivets where the plate is bolted to the loco.
- No delicate and time-consuming preparation required such as filing off from the sprue.
- Much more economical than etched.
- Plates can be made within an hour of a loco being newly named!
- Spare of every nameplate included, not that you should need it.

"I have to say: Fantastic. In fact they're so good, I'm still speechless. This is the end of etched for cast plates." Pete Waterman, OBE DL

"The transfer nameplates are incredible. I couldn't have told they're not etched; in fact they might well be crisper than etched." Tim Shackleton, Hornby Magazine

"One of the most exciting recent innovations in the hobby; I love their user-friendly nature." George Dent, Model Rail

"The nameplates are better than etched." Motive Power Resprays

Need a custom name making up? Not a problem. Just ask us. It also opens up a plethora of new possibilities, such as steam loco cast numberplates, wagon plates, crests, even rivetting.